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“Everyday AI has given me a place to have up to date news in a space that is moving rapidly. The podcasts and tutorials allow for practical information that can be easily applied. I am appreciative time and effort put into Everyday AI every day.”

Heather TraftonCEO

“It's a felony that you give this knowledge away free of charge! 😎🤯”

Olivier HensProduct Owner

“I still consider myself a total rookie in the world of AI but I'm getter better thanks to Everyday AI. I love the variety of content and how I can find something useful in each episode. But I especially love that this is geared for the "everyday" user - not just the techies!”

Bridget S MillarPresident

“Everyday AI has been instrumental in enhancing my understanding of artificial intelligence. The techniques and insights shared in the podcast, newsletter and webinar have been game-changing for me. ”

Funsho AyayiDirector

“In pursuit of improving my ChatGPT abilities, I stumbled upon Everyday AI. Total. Game. Changer. I found Everyday AI during a recent Spotify search and binged 8 episodes that day. Jordan delivers valuable, sales-free, tactical content that I'm putting into action right away.”

Morgen PaulVice Preseident in Sales

“Before I discovered Everyday AI, I was using ChatGPT like any other tool. But Jordan Wilson's live streams and newsletters opened my eyes to the true potential of Al.

His knack for breaking down complex Al concepts into digestible pieces is truly remarkable. He has transformed my understanding of Al, teaching me to view individual chats as account executives, each with their own clients.

This shift in perspective has not only increased my productivity but also brought a new level of organization to my work.”

Brian PartonPresident