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Become more productive with these AI content hacks

Inner workings of ChatGPT, Apple Intelligence AI system, AI and content productivity and more!

Outsmart The Future

Today in Everyday AI
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🎙 Daily Podcast Episode: Between videos, meeting recordings and interviews, you’re sitting on a content gold mine. So how can you leverage that to create better relationships? We have some hacks to share from a leader in the AI-transcription biz. Give it a listen.

🕵️‍♂️ Fresh Finds: What to expect at Apple’s WWDC, How Google is improving AI in software engineering and Meta’s new AI features for WhatsApp. Read on for Fresh Finds.

🗞 Byte Sized Daily AI News: OpenAI shares peek into inner workings of ChatGPT, Apple Intelligence AI system and Google gets AI data training case dismissed. For that and more, read on for Byte Sized News.

🚀 AI In 5: We're checking out a GPT inside ChatGPT that helps to reduce hallucinations and give you better research. See it here

🧠 Learn & Leveraging AI: Wondering how you can make your meetings and conversation more productive? We have some tips for you to use. Keep reading for that!

↩️ Don’t miss out: Did you miss our last newsletter? We talked about NVIDIA surpassing Apple, US regulators investigating big tech and a new perplexity feature. Check it here!

From Conversations to Content: AI’s Role in Storytelling and Productivity 🗣

Tired of valuable content collecting dust?


Recordings of meetings.


Those are all sources of valuable knowledge and a spring of evergreen content.

But what are you doing with it all?

Join the conversation and ask Jordan and Jason questions on AI and content here.

Also on the pod today:

• LLMs and Transcription Services 📄
• Meetings and Communication with AI 🗣
• Personalized AI and Work Efficiency 🧠

It’ll be worth your 37 minutes:

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Here’s our favorite AI finds from across the web:

New AI Tool Spotlight – OpinioAI is a customer research platform, Peek is an AI organizer for your browser and KaraboAI is a custom AI chatbot for your business.

Big Tech – Google has released a blog on how it’s improving AI in software engineering with AI assistants.

Apple - Here’s what you can expect at WWDC next week.

Money in AI - Banks are sounding the alarm on the growing reliance on Big Tech for AI.

Social Media – Meta is adding AI features to WhatsApp’s business app.

AI in Society – Here’s how Google is using AI to save the coral reefs.

1. OpenAI Research Sheds Light on ChatGPT 💡

In a recent research paper released by OpenAI, researchers detailed a method to identify and understand the concepts stored within AI models, such as ChatGPT, known for its advanced language processing capabilities.

This sheds light on the complex inner workings of artificial neural networks, offering a glimpse into how AI systems like GPT-4 operate. By making AI models more transparent and controllable, this research paves the way for safer and more trustworthy AI applications.

2. Apple to Unveil Apple Intelligence with ChatGPT-like Features 📲

Apple is set to introduce Apple Intelligence, a new AI system dubbed as Apple Intelligence, focusing on AI summarizations, reply suggestions, and an AI overhaul for Siri. This system will feature a ChatGPT-like chatbot powered by OpenAI, with a unique algorithm that determines whether tasks can be processed on-device or require cloud server assistance for efficiency.

To address security concerns, Apple plans to avoid building user profiles and ensure data privacy.

3. Google Gets Judge to Dismiss Class Action Over AI Data Use 🧑‍⚖️

Google managed to sway a federal judge in San Francisco to dismiss a proposed class action lawsuit accusing the tech giant of misusing personal and copyrighted data to train AI systems, including its chatbot Bard. The judge emphasized the need for a more focused and streamlined complaint from the plaintiffs, urging them to crystallize the theory of the case.

This legal development highlights the complex legal landscape surrounding tech companies' utilization of public data for AI training.

4. Humane Looks For Buyer as Pin Fails to Impress 😬

Humane, the AI startup founded by ex-Apple designers and backed by Microsoft, LG, and Tiger Global, is currently exploring a sale following the lukewarm reception of its AI Pin device. Despite raising over $200 million in funding, the $699 AI Pin, marketed as a smartphone replacement worn on the lapel, was criticized by reviewers as “untrustworthy” and “not very useful.”

Talks with potential buyers like HP and telecom companies suggest a potential shift in Humane’s future.

5. TSMC's $7.1B Revenue Surge Rides High on AI Demand 🚀

TSMC's impressive 30% surge in May sales, hitting $7.1 billion, is fueled by the soaring demand for AI technology and the recovery of consumer electronics. As the leading contract chipmaker globally, TSMC's semiconductors power industry giants like NVIDIA, Apple, and AMD, with CEO C.C. Wei anticipating a robust sector-wide revival in 2024 driven by AI development.

A GPT for fewer hallucinations and better research - Consensus GPT Review

Looking to stop ChatGPT from lying or ‘hallucinating?‘

We're showing you a GPT that will give you more reliable information and fewer hallucinations.

Consensus is an academic AI research assistant and it’s a great GPT to use!

🦾How You Can Leverage:

Ever feel like meetings are a straight up drag?

Saaaame fam. 

 But what if those endless meetings could actually be insightful goldmines for your business?

Meet Jason Chicola. CEO and founder of Rev. The guy who’s flipping the script on the intersection of speech-to-text and productivity.

In today’s show, Jason breaks down how AI can turn boring meetings into productivity powerhouses.

Imagine turning routine chats into actionable insights and compelling stories that can drive your business forward. 

Wanna know  how AI can transform your productivity and storytelling

Let’s get it. 

1 – Rethink what meetings mean 🤔

Real talk — why do 500 employees need to be at a weekly ‘all hands’ two-hour meeting? 

And then like 17 other required hour-long meetings that are like 1.7% relevant? 

Instead of just a time to talk (or listen to the bigwigs ramble on) see them as opportunities to capture and create valuable content. 

Try this: 

This might make some of y’all feel uncomfortable, especially when a busy calendar chock full of meetings makes some managers feel super important. 


Instead, Jason said to try and look at your calendar next week and cut meetings where you aren’t necessarily needed. 

And that whole AI thing? 

Yeah, if you’re only needed for one-minute of a 60-minute meeting, that’s 59 minutes wasted. 

AI meeting assistants are legit the easiest way to start winning back time with GenAI. 

We gave you a step-by-step breakdown on simple GenAI implementations, including our favorite meeting assistants here

2 – Turn knowledge into productivity goldmines 🧠


So not all meetings can be skipped. 

Instead, you should both be using AI assistants AND also rethinking how humans should be using their time and expertise in said meetings. 

Yeah, you’ve gotta cover the basics.

The to-dos.

The action items.

Whatever the heck Bob in accounting keeps going on about. 

But outside of that, it’s all about HOW you cover those things. And the evergreen insights that can be captured, recorded, transcribed and shared amongst your team. 

Try this: 

Hot take incoming 🔥

One thing we always encourage businesses to talk about is answering this question: What happens when AI works? 

The brutal truth is that if you ACTUALLY do GenAI right, manual knowledge work time might be cut down by 50-80%. 

That means a lot of smart, talented and experienced humans with more time on their hands. 

Our suggestion — the future of work has an abundance of first-party data collectors, who are feeding internal knowledge to LLMs. 

Jason mentioned that Rev is working on something similar in their upcoming platform, Voicehub, aims to be your digital brain.

3 – More human interaction = better stories 🗣

Jason shared that AI isn’t just about automating tasks; it’s about enhancing human connection. 

So you gotta think of the win-win of using AI-powered transcriptions and AI meeting assistants. 

Win 1 = less time stuck in meetings. 

Win 2 = more ability to either spend meeting time actually paying attention while your AI does the heavy lifting, or more ability to not even attend the meeting and instead connect with your human coworkers. 

- By freeing up time from note-taking and administrative tasks, you can focus more on the conversation and interaction. 

- This leads to better stories and more meaningful connections with colleagues. 

- This (ultimately) leads to better products, services and relationships that can grow your company. 

Try this: 

Yeah, we’re not crazy.

AI can actually lead to better connections, better stories and better businesses. 

Go read this Forbes article about 5 ways AI can actually improve human relationships. 

Numbers to watch

$10 Million

Tektonic AI secures $10 million in funding to develop GenAI agents for streamlining business operations.

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