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Use these ChatGPT hacks to make it easier 🙌

✅ 5 ChatGPT hacks, Meta unveils Llama 2 long AI, a first look at Dall-E 3, and more!

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🎙 Daily Podcast Episode: Feeling stuck when using ChatGPT? Not getting enough out of it, and looking for some tips? We’re sharing 5 simple hacks to make ChatGPT easier for you! Give it a listen.

🕵️‍♂️ Fresh Finds: A plug-and-play AI startup system, Microsoft switching to nuclear power, and Airbnb using AI to stop house parties. Read on for Fresh Finds.

🗞 Byte Sized Daily AI News: Meta unveils Llama 2 long AI, Google Bard's new memory, and France raids NVIDIA office. For that and more, read on for Byte Sized News.

🚀 AI In 5: Dall-E 3 is now available through Microsoft Bing Image Creator so we’re taking a first look at how it works! See here.

🧠 Learn & Leveraging AI: Missed today’s episode but still want in on our top 5 hacks? Let’s break it down. Keep reading for that!

↩️ Don’t miss out: Did you miss our last newsletter? We talked about why you shouldn't use Browse with Bing, OpenAI’s plans for an 'iPhone' of AI, and Everyday AI’s new website features.
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5 Simple ChatGPT Hacks To Make It Easier to Use 💁

Feeling stuck when using ChatGPT? Not getting the most out of it?

We feel ya. Whether you’re a ChatGPT pro, or just diving in for the first time, today’s show is for you.

Don’t worry — you might not be far off from getting ChatGPT right! Sometimes all it takes are a few tweaks.

We’re sharing 5 simple hacks to make ChatGPT easier for you!

Join the conversation and ask Jordan any questions about ChatGPT.

Also on the pod today:

• Why you should ditch Google
• Connecting ChatGPT to the internet 🌐
• Using Custom Instructions 🗣

It’ll be worth your 28 minutes:

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Here’s our favorite AI finds from across the web:

New AI Tool Spotlight – StartOS is a plug-and-play AI startup system, Animate Anything lets you animate 3D models, and Formless helps you create AI-driven forms.

Trending in AI – Airbnb is trying to put a stop to house parties by using AI to eliminate guests who throw parties.

Big Tech - It looks like Microsoft could be switching to nuclear power for it’s future AI and cloud plans.

Pop Culture – Robin Williams’ daughter is upset with AI recreations of her father, actor Robin Williams.

Read This – ChatGPT’s latest updates have publishers even more concerned about OpenAI stealing their website traffic.

1. Meta Unveils Llama 2 Long AI, Outshining Competitors 🤖

Meta Platforms has discreetly released Llama 2 Long, a new AI model that surpasses some of the leading competition, including OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo and Claude 2, in generating responses to long user prompts. The model has undergone additional training with longer sequences and a dataset where long texts are upsampled.

2. Tom Hanks Faces AI Doppelgänger in Dental Insurance Scam 🎭

Tom Hanks is battling an AI version of himself involved in a dental insurance scam on social media. The actor alerted his followers about the unauthorized use of his likeness to promote a dental insurance policy. This incident highlights the growing issue of deepfakes, where AI is used to create convincing fake videos or audio recordings.

3. Apple Eyes an AI Search Engine Move with Pegasus 🍏

Apple is set to enhance its internal search engine, potentially giving Google a run for its money. The tech giant's search team, led by a former Google executive, is working on the "Pegasus" search engine, aiming to integrate it more deeply into iOS and macOS. This move, coupled with the use of generative AI tools and a robust App Store ads business, positions Apple as a potential contender in the search engine arena.

4. Google Bard's New Memory For Personalized Conversations 🧠

Google's Bard chatbot is rolling out a "memory" feature, enhancing its ability to personalize conversations by storing and adapting to crucial user information. Whether it's your travel preferences, dietary choices, or family details, Bard is set to tailor its responses more effectively, offering a more individualized and intuitive chat experience. This update places Google in a competitive position in the chatbot race, alongside OpenAI's ChatGPT, which is also set to receive significant enhancements.

5. France Raids NVIDIA Office Amid Anti-Competitive Concerns 🏢

French authorities have raided Nvidia's offices as part of an investigation into alleged anti-competitive practices by the leading chip manufacturer. The French Competition Authority (FCA), authorized by a judge, conducted the raid, signaling the European Union's continued scrutiny of big tech corporations. While Nvidia's specific involvement in anti-competitive behavior is yet to be established, its significant influence in the cloud computing and AI sectors makes it a notable focus of the investigation. 

How to give ChatGPT's Advanced Data Analysis Internet Access 🌐

We’re taking a first look at Dall-E 3!

Dall-E 3 is coming to ChatGPT soon but right now it’s only available through Microsoft Bing.

We’re checking out the new model and seeing just how good it is!

🤷‍♂️ What’s Going On and Why It Matters:

We prolly shoulda done an episode like this sooner.

After all, we have more than 30 in-depth livestreams covering ChatGPT.

In the end, we all want better outputs and to save time when working in Generative AI.

Sometimes, we’re hesitant to go too deep down these shortcut and ‘hacks’ route, as we’re firm believers in doing things the right way.

And real talk: if you’re only looking for shortcuts and hacks inside ChatGPT, you’re gonna walk away with subpar results.

Don’t get us started on copy and paste prompts.

Buuuuuuut our team has been using the GPT tech for about 3 years now, so we quickly learned some dos and don’ts when ChatGPT was released in November 2022.

So, skip the learning curve and let’s dive in on these ChatGPT hacks! 👇

🦾How You Can Leverage:

Wanna know some best practices and ChatGPT shortcuts?

We got you!

It’ll be worth your time to watch the whole episode, but let’s break it down reaaaaaaaaaal simple for y’all.

Here’s a quick highlight of the 5 ChatGPT hacks that’ll save you time and increase your output!

1 – Default to plugins mode 🔌

Let’s be real: plugins mode is what you should be using 90% of the time within ChatGPT. There are four modes in ChatGPT plus: Default, Browse with Bing, Plugins, and Advanced Data Analysis.

In our experience, the Default GPT4 model has no use-case, and the Browse with Bing has VERY little use-case. (You can go watch that episode HERE) And more on ADA later. But for now, you should probably stick with plugins mode.

Try this:
Make plugins mode the main mode that you use in ChatGPT. You can even quick launch a new plugin chat by using this link: https://chat.openai.com/?model=gpt-4-plugins

Also, go watch this episode, where we go over our top plugins.

2 – Swap out Google Search 🔍

If you wanna get ahead and stay ahead in the ever-changing world of GenAI, you’ve gotta let go of old habits. Such as using traditional search engines. So if you’re still using old-school search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, it’s time for an upgrade.

Try this: 
Previously, we talked to Marc de Grasse, the president of Digital Marketer. One of his hot tips: use ChatGPT instead of Google search.

Even if you’re not ready to go all-in on ChatGPT, you can still opt to use Google’s AI-first search option, SGE, or Search Generative Experience.

3 – Use an internet-connected plugin️ 🌐

If you want to avoid hallucinations, ChatGPT needs access to the internet. Because as we all know, Large Language Models can lie. And make things up.

Try this:
This one’s simple: Give ChatGPT access to the internet. And make sure to check out our episode, where we go over some of our favorite internet-connected ChatGPT plugins, among others. And no, Bing Chat, Google Bard and Claude are not actually connected to the internet like you may think.

4 – Use Custom Instructions️ 🗣

OK. This one should be taken with a grain of salt.

After all, we even did an AI in 5 last week on why Custom Instructions might not be good for you. So why are Custom Instructions still considered a great hack?

Try this:
If you have limited use-case for ChatGPT, Custom Instructions can still save you a TON of time.

If you’re new to Custom Instructions, it’s essentially a shortcut to pre-prompt ChatGPT, or give it access to information or instructions that it should apply to every chat. So if you use ChatGPT mainly for one purpose, use Custom Instructions.

5 – Give ADA access to the internet 📊

Advanced Data Analysis is like toggling on ‘Beast Mode’ for heavy data projects. Whether it’s crunching millions of data points, or making easy lifting of heavy coding or dev projects, ADA is a great mode to explore.

Buuuuuuuut, because it’s not connected to the internet, it’s still using data cut off at September 2021. So tread carefully when asking ADA for advice or best practices.

Try this:
Combine the best of both worlds and give ADA access to the internet. We already broke down how to do this. Here’s a refresher if you missed it.

Now This …

Have any other ChatGPT hacks that we didn’t cover?

We’d love to hear it! Reply to this email and let us know!

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