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Me, Myself, and AI - How digital avatars will impact our work

NVIDIA passes Microsoft, Meta's 5 new AI models, future of AI clones and more!

Outsmart The Future

Sup y’all 👋

If you missed our livestream yesterday, we partnered with Hour One to create an AI Jordan and have him interview me (human Jordan.)

I think my AI clone kinda rocked me, TBH.

We used Hour One to pull off the first-of-its-kind interview, and wanted to remind you that you can enter to win a free AI avatar clone as part of the #HourOneChallenge

Plus Hour One gave us a 20% off discount off all paid plans. Use code EverydayAI when signing up.


Today in Everyday AI
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🎙 Daily Podcast Episode: AI avatars and digital clones are here. Besides changing the way we communicate, how else can this tech help? We have an expert dish some insights. Give it a listen.

🕵️‍♂️ Fresh Finds: Musk predicts 10-20% chance of AI global disaster, Adobe faces lawsuit from FTC and a new AI social platform. Read on for Fresh Finds.

🗞 Byte Sized Daily AI News: NVIDIA becomes the most valuable company, OpenAI’s former co-founder starts a new company, Meta’s FAIR team releases AI models and OpenAI shuts down political AI. For that and more, read on for Byte Sized News.

🚀 AI In 5: This hidden AI feature in Copilot changes how you read PDFs. You gotta know this to get the most out of it! See it here

🧠 Learn & Leveraging AI: If you’re curious about how AI avatars and clones work, we’re showing you how they’re made and the impact they’ll have on us all. Keep reading for that!

↩️ Don’t miss out: Did you miss our last newsletter? We dished on AI Jordan interviewing human Jordan, Google DeepMind’s new AI audio model and Apple’s AI education initiative. Check it here!

Me, Myself, and AI - How digital avatars will impact our work 👥

Ready or not, AI avatars are here. (We're obviously ready.)

Sure, AI avatars change how we can communicate. But, the impact doesn't stop there.

Gen Ukaj from Hour One, a company pushing AI avatars forward, joins us to discuss the tech and its future.

Join the conversation and ask Jordan and Gen questions on AI avatars here.

Also on the pod today:

• Applications of AI Avatars 🤔
• Hour One and Virtual Human Technology 🧑‍💻
• Human Interaction and Limitations of Bots 🤖

It’ll be worth your 33 minutes:

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Thursday, June 20th at 7:30 am CST ⬇️

Going From Everyday AI to Game-Changing AI

Here’s our favorite AI finds from across the web:

New AI Tool Spotlight – Mojo animates any logo with AI, DataSquirrel gives you AI data analytics and business insights and AI Content Mate lets you generate content inside Figma.

Trending in AI – Elon Musk predicts a “10-20% chance” of an AI-related global disaster. Meh. Seems manageable?

Big Tech - Meta has removed a block on election-related AI queries in India.

AI and Legal – Adobe is facing a lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission.

Social Media – A Former Snap engineer has launched Butterflies, an AI social network.

AI Startup – AI startup Abridge has become one of the most talked about healthcare startups.

1. Nvidia Becomes World’s Most Valuable Public Company 🤖

Nvidia’s market cap soared to a staggering $334 trillion, surpassing Microsoft’s $332 trillion valuation, thanks to its stronghold in the AI chip market. CEO Jensen Huang’s net worth hit an eye-popping $117 billion, ranking him as the 11th wealthiest person globally.

The recent 10-for-1 stock split on June 7 aims to enhance Nvidia’s position in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

(And yes, we told y’all this was gonna happen like a year ago.)

2. Meta's FAIR Team Releases AI Models for Global Collaboration 👀

Meta's FAIR team has recently shared five revolutionary AI models with the global community, aiming to foster collaboration and innovation within the field. Among these models is the remarkable Chameleon, which can process and generate both text and images simultaneously, breaking new ground in mixed-modal understanding.

Additionally, their multi-token prediction model promises faster training of AI models by predicting multiple future words at once

3. OpenAI Shuts Down AI Chatbot VIC's Political Campaign 🤯

OpenAI takes a stand against Victor Miller's AI chatbot VIC's involvement in the mayoral race in Cheyenne, Wyoming, citing violations of policies on political campaigning. The chatbot was made using OpenAI’s technology.

Despite the setback, Miller plans to continue VIC's campaign through voice-to-text interactions at a local library, challenging the boundaries of AI in politics. The clash between OpenAI and Miller raises crucial questions about the ethical use of AI technology in governance.

4. Adobe Draws Line: No AI Training on Customer Data 🛒

Adobe's recent terms of service update clarifies that they will not train AI systems using customer data, easing concerns over data usage. This shift comes after customers feared broad content rights changes and showcases Adobe's commitment to transparency.

The company aims to reassure users and address controversies while emphasizing a creator-friendly approach.

5. NVIDIA CEO Speaks on AI-Powered Electric Grid 🎮

NVIDIA's CEO Jensen Huang predicts a bright future for the energy industry through AI integration, allowing grids to become smart networks connecting renewable energy sources like never before. With AI-powered smart meters and advanced computing technologies, utilities are set to optimize operations, saving costs and increasing efficiency.

The recent advancements by NVIDIA have led to a staggering 45000x gain in energy efficiency for AI inference, revolutionizing the landscape of energy consumption.

6. Former OpenAI co-founder starts new AI company 👀

Former OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever has launched a new company, Safe Superintelligence Inc. (SSI), with a focus on advancing AI capabilities while also ensuring safety measures are in place to prevent potential harm from superintelligent AI systems.

The company was founded by Sutskever, former Y Combinator partner Daniel Gross, and ex-OpenAI engineer Daniel Levy. SSI has a strong emphasis on addressing AI safety issues, with Sutskever having been vocal about the potential risks of advanced AI.

As one of the more notable names in AI, Ilya’s new company is one worth keeping an eye on and a pretty BIG move for the AI and Safety space.

This hidden AI feature in Copilot changes how you read PDFs

Why stick to traditional PDF reading when you can have Microsoft Copilot do it for you?

We found a secret AI PDF feature in Copilot that’ll save you time on your PDFs.

🦾How You Can Leverage:

Deepfakes, AI avatars, digital clones…. Huh? 

There’s so much new innovation — good and bad — that it can be hard to keep track. 

One thing that’s easy to keep track of, though: digital avatars are gonna really impact the future of work. 

Gen Ukaj gave us the scoop. 

Gen is a Director of Enterprise Sales at Hour One, a leading All-In-One AI video platform that streamlines (and personalizes) video creation. 

TBH, we needed from straight talk from Gen. 


Even for our crew here that covers AI every day, it gets messy. 

  • New use-cases for digital twins. 

  • Ethical considerations for AI avatars. 

  • Keeping the tech safe from deepfakes. 

We tackled it all today. (Just the two humans. Not AI clones.) 

Let’s recap the takeaways that matter. 👇

1 – A fresh take on corporate comms 🗣️️

“Dear team. I hope this long and painstakingly dull email finds you well.” 


Corporate comms can be about as exciting as watching outdoor paint dry on a rainy day. 

Digital avatars (of fake people) or a digital clone of yourself could be a better way to send the message. 

With pizazz. 

Gen mentioned that avatars are used internally at Hour One for weekly updates from leaders. These updates are delivered in video format using avatars, making the communication more engaging and easier to consume for employees.

Try this: 

Why do we always overlook the fun sides of AI? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Productivity. Gains. KPIs. Goals. Productivity…. 

What about using Generative AI to uniquely connect with remote and hybrid coworkers? We loved Gen’s example, and think it’s one worth exploring. 

(And if you wanna go the Hour One route, the team sponsored our show yesterday. And our discount code, EverydayAI is still good for 20% off all paid plans. It’s reaaaallllly good.)

So instead of spending hours doing the same employee onboarding, or the same weekly L&D sessions, you could just tap in your digital clone to get er done. 

2 – Content personalization at scale 📈

You know that Jensen Huang guy? 👇

(Alright, don’t actually KNOW him, but we’ve chatted a few times.)

Anyways, he’s a bit busy giving like 30 keynotes a week and traveling all corners of the globe. (Oh, and serving as the CEO of now the most valuable company in the world.

You know one way Jensen keeps up? Yeah, he has an Hour One digital clone of himself. 

Jensen was years ahead of (literally) every other tech leader on AI. He’s going all-in on digital twins as well.

Try this: 

Content Personalization isn’t JUST about creating an AI avatar of yourself to go do all your speaking appearances, Gen said. (Although creating batch videos in bulk sounds pretty tempting, right?) 

Instead, think of ways to use Generative AI to Cretes stronger messaging and tighter personalization at scale. 

Here’s your options:

  • Spending countless hours personalizing individually.

  • Sending blanket and boring messaging.

  • Using AI to create personalization at scale.

We already covered using AI tools to personalize at scale. (And make sales.) 

3 – Digital clones = improved relationships? 🤗

If there’s two buckets: improving human relationships or worsening human relationships, you’d think AI tools like digital clones would always fall in the latter, right? 

And we feel the same.

We hear your grumbles in the back.

  • Do we really need to pay attention to AI clones?

  • Are digital avatars really the future of work? 

  • Will AI avatars and digital clones be pretty common soon?

We think so. 

Gen said he uses his AI clone for personalized follow-ups with clients. Think about it — would you rather receive a short email follow-up, automated spam text, or a personalized (AI-generated) message from a person you know and trust. 

Try this:

Call us crazy, but we see how this can actually IMPROVE human connection as tech innovation usually makes everything so impersonal. 

We loved the takes on this from our livestream audience today

Can you really argue with these kinda uplifting use-cases for digital twins? (See, the space isn’t just doom and gloom!)

Great points. Here for these. 👆

And Fred’s on point here, and the studies back it up, unfortunately. 👇

Oh, and can we get a round of applause for this entrepreneurial take?

What do you think?

Hit us with a reply and let us know your thoughts on how AI clones and digital avatars will impact our futures!

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