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  • NVIDIA becomes most valuable U.S. company, Runway Gen-3 looks impressive – AI News That Matters

NVIDIA becomes most valuable U.S. company, Runway Gen-3 looks impressive – AI News That Matters

Apple x Meta AI, Gemini added to student school accounts, TikTok parent company seeks AI chips and more!

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🎙 Daily Podcast Episode: NVIDIA became the most valuable company and then lost it. The LLM competition is heating up! Runway’s Gen-3 is a must-see. Here’s this week’s AI News That Matters. Give it a listen.

🕵️‍♂️ Fresh Finds: The Pope speaks on AI, Shopify’s AI sidekick chatbot and major record labels suing Suno AI and Udio AI. Read on for Fresh Finds.

🗞 Byte Sized Daily AI News: Apple and Meta in talks on AI, TikTok parent company looks to use AI chips and Google adds Gemini to students’ school accounts. For that and more, read on for Byte Sized News.

🚀 AI In 5: We're checking out a GPT inside ChatGPT that lets you convert a file to almost any format you need! See it here

🧠 AI News That Matters: From Anthropic’s ChatGPT competitor to OpenAI’s new partnership, we’re breaking down this week’s AI news that matters. Keep reading for that!

↩️ Don’t miss out: Did you miss our last newsletter? We talked about Musk teaming up with big tech, Russia adding AI to national defense, and innovating with AI. Check it here!

AI News That Matters - June 24th, 2024 📰

NVIDIA became the world's most valuable company.

Then they lost that title.

Why is ChatGPT no longer the king of the LLM hill?

Did you see Runway Gen-3?

We'll explain all of that in this week's AI News That Matters.

Join the conversation and ask Jordan any questions on AI here.

Also on the pod today:

• OpenAI drama and partnership 🤔
• Competition in development of LLMs 🥊
• Runway's new AI model 🎥

It’ll be worth your 34 minutes:

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Tuesday, June 25th at 7:30 am CST ⬇️

Here’s our favorite AI finds from across the web:

New AI Tool Spotlight – Pygma is an AI copilot for Instagram, Devv.AI is a developer-centric AI search and Featherless lets you run every AI model from HuggingFace.

Trending in AI – The Pope once again spoke on AI following his speech at G7.

AI Tech - Shopify’s AI Sidekick chatbot for merchants is now in early access.

Pop Culture – Major record labels are suing Suno AI and Udio AI for copyright infringement.

LLMs – This new AI algorithm can flag deepfakes with 98% accuracy.

1. Apple and Meta Discuss AI Partnership 👀

Apple and Meta are in talks to integrate Meta's AI model into Apple's recently announced Apple Intelligence. This partnership aims to leverage generative AI products and enhance Apple's Siri with advanced AI capabilities.

The collaboration could reshape the tech landscape and lead to billions of dollars in revenue for AI firms integrating with Apple Intelligence.

2. ByteDance in Pursuit of Advanced AI Chips 🚀

ByteDance, the Chinese tech giant known for TikTok, is teaming up with US chip designer Broadcom to develop a cutting-edge 5nm chip, a custom product crucial for AI applications. This collaboration comes at a crucial time as ByteDance seeks to secure a stable supply of high-end chips amidst the escalating trade tensions between the US and China.

The partnership is aimed at enhancing ByteDance's AI capabilities across its popular apps like Douyin and ChatGPT-like Doubao, signaling a significant move in the competitive tech landscape.

3. Google Adds Gemini to School Accounts for Students 🧑‍🏫

Google is shaking up the education scene by adding Gemini to school accounts to empower teen students and educators for the future. By providing features like responsible content filtering, real-time assistance, and personalized study guidance, Gemini is focused on safety, data protection, and information literacy.

4. Stability AI Gets New CEO and Funds 🧑‍💼

Stability AI is shaking things up with former Weta Digital CEO Prem Akkaraju stepping in as the new CEO. Also, a bailout from an investor group led by Sean Parker is injecting fresh funds into the company after a recent staff cut. This move marks a significant change in the company's leadership and financial backing.

5. Synthesia’s Updates For Its AI Avatars 👥

Synthesia is disrupting the video production industry by introducing innovative updates. These updates enable users to effortlessly create AI avatars in under five minutes using webcams or phones.

Noteworthy features include the ability to generate full-body avatars and clone voices in multiple languages, marking a significant step towards democratizing video creation globally.

Convert Anything Inside ChatGPT

We're checking out a GPT inside ChatGPT that lets you convert a file to almost any format you need!

ConvertAnything lets you convert files to video, text, audio, compressed files, and more.

Is the king of the LLM mountain ChatGPT in trouble? 😧

Welp, Anthropic's Claude just dropped 3.5 Sonnet with Artifacts.

And it’s a YUGE drop, TBH. 

Speaking of drops, NVIDIA’s stock did its best Snoop Dogg impression: dropped when it was too hot.

And the tech titans are jostling atop the ‘World’s most valuable company’ leaderboards. 

(That’s not an actual thing but we’re always keeping track. lolz)

And don’t sleep on this… a former OpenAI co-founder is starting a new company that we think is gonna be pretty impactful. (And probably make things a bit safer in this sometimes-scary AI world.) 

That’s just the tip of what’s crackin on the AI scene. You can spend hours upon hours each day trying to make sense of it all.



You can roll with Everyday AI each and every dang Monday as we break down the AI news that matters.

Ready to get so smart your coworkers are gonna wonder if you’re Sam Altman’s sidekick or something? 

Alright, here’s whatchyu need to know in the world of AI.

Lez break it down y’all.👇

1 – Runway's Gen 3 Alpha looks INSANE 🎥

Runway's throwing (beautiful looking) haymakers in the AI video wars.

Gen 3 Alpha promises 10-second clips with all the emotional jazz and camera movements you could dream of.

Generation times? Lightning fast.

  • 45 seconds for a 5-second clip.

  • 90 seconds for a 10-second masterpiece.

But let's be real. When this drops, those servers are gonna be sweatin'.

Right now, it’s still not released. But Runway hinted it could be open and available at any point. 

What it means: 

We’ve talked about this a lot recently, but the AI video space is on FIRE. 🔥

Runway, Kling, Dream Machine – they're all slugging it out.

Still MIA and but lookin' like the final boss whenever it drops. 

If you're in creative or marketing, you better be paying attention. This tech is gonna change how we create content. Like, yesterday.

Get ready for a flood of AI-generated vids. The question is: will your company be leading the pack or playing catch-up?

2 – Claude 3.5 Sonnet just changed the game 🤖

Anthropic just dropped their newest offering, Claude 3.5 Sonnet.

And according to Anthropic Claude 3.5 Sonnet is benchmarking ahead of GPT-4-o, and every other model for that matter.

But the real showstopper?

It essentially allows you to create, edit and render code in real-time, right in the chat.

Docs, code, dashboards – you name it.

What it means: 

There’s gonna be a lot of back and forth in the LLM scene over the next few months.

But Claude landed a heavy hit with 3.5 Sonnet.

And the Artifacts feature?


It's like having a live preview of your work, all in one place.

We’ve been kinda hard on Claude, but this Artifacts feature is gonna be a must-have function for future LLMs.

Get ready though for either OpenAI, Meta and Google to slap back any week now.

We’re expecting some GPT-4o updates that could silence the Claude buzz, and Meta could drop its 400B model at any moment.

Grab your popcorn.

3 – NVIDIA: From zero to hero (almost) 📈

NVIDIA briefly became the world's most valuable company last week. 

$3.34 trillion market cap.

This is from the company that hardly anyone had heard of 3 years ago. 

Let that sink in.

But faster than you can say "GPU shortage," NVIDIA’s stock slumped by about 3% on Friday, wiping out more than $200 billion in market cap.

And now, Microsoft's back on top.

What it means: 

Three years ago, NVIDIA was a nobody to most folks.

Now? They're the backbone of AI.

We called this a year ago.

No one was paying attention to NVIDIA. We said they'd be the most important company in the world. (And most people shrugged us off, TBH.) 

And here we are, as NVIDIA claimed that spot last week. 

If you're not watching the AI chip war, you're missing the biggest business story of the decade.

4 – OpenAI's fighting cancer now 🏥

GPT-4o is helping docs create personalized cancer screening and treatment plans.

According to some reports, a month's delay in cancer treatment can increase mortality by 6% to 13%.

AI's stepping in to speed things up.

What it means: 

This AI isn't just cool tech anymore. It's life-saving technology.

AI in healthcare isn't the future. It's now.

And we’re happy to see more stories and collabs like this.

In the same way LLMs and GenAI can change the ways business is done, it can also change how we fight disease. 

If your business touches healthcare in any way, you need to be thinking about AI integration yesterday.

This could redefine patient care as we know it.

5 – OpenAI scoops up Rockset. No one's talking about it. 💼

According to reports, OpenAI just dropped a few hundred mil on Rockset, a search and analytics startup.

Rockset is all about boosting OpenAI’s enterprise game.

Real-time data processing.

Vector search.

The works.

One missing piece in the LLM space right now is real-time company data, so this move from OpenAI could be a part of the solution. 

What it means: 

This could be HUGE for enterprise AI.

One of the biggest knocks on LLMs is the fact that they don’t easily work with your company’s data.

That leads the way for hallucinations and overly vague responses from AI chatbots. 

Right now, even with the fancy enterprise version ChatGPT, your company's live data isn't in the mix.

This Rockset deal could change that.

We’re not exactly sure yet how OpenAI will leverage Rockset’s data prowess, but you’ve gotta believe they’re angling to bring real-time data in the pipeline for enterprise customers. 

RAG outta the box? If so…. Yes please. 

6 – OpenAI co-founder goes rogue for safety 🦸‍♂️

Ilya Sutskever, a co-founder of OpenAI, left the company about a month ago and has been kinda silent since.

And this was after Ilya really wasn’t seen or heard from for months up to that point. 

He’s silent no more – Ilya just launched Safe Super Intelligence Inc. (SSI).

SSI is all about making AI safe and powerful.


'Cause maybe OpenAI's too busy chasing shiny features, according to some former OpenAI team members on the safety team. 

What it means: 

Many experts are saying that OpenAI's been kinda slacking on safety.

Sutskever wasn’t having it, and took matters into his own hands. 

TBH, this is the third-party watchdog we might need in the AI space. As AI gets more powerful, safety's gonna be paramount.

If you're developing AI products, you better start thinking about safety now.

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