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Secret ways NVIDIA is changing the AI world 🤯

Why you should be paying attention to NVIDIA, Google adds SGE AI to search, new look at OpenAI Sora, and more!

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🎙 Daily Podcast Episode: We had the opportunity to attend NVIDIA’s GTC conference in person. There were some pretty big announcements that’ll change the AI world. We read between the lines to show you what it all really meant. Hot takes and all. Give it a listen.

🕵️‍♂️ Fresh Finds: A one-stop product design tool, a California city using AI in unique ways, and whiskey made with AI. Read on for Fresh Finds.

🗞 Byte Sized Daily AI News: Tech giants unite to take on NVIDIA, Google adds SGE AI to search results, and a new look at OpenAI Sora. For that and more, read on for Byte Sized News.

🚀 AI In 5: Miss today’s livestream? We’re breaking down our biggest NVIDIA GTC takeaways in 5 minutes. See it here

🧠 Learn & Leveraging AI: We’re connecting the dots on all of NVIDIA’s major GTC announcements so you can understand why they matter. And trust us, they do matter. Keep reading for that!

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NVIDIA GTC Recap - 3 ways NVIDIA is going to change the AI world 🔓

NVIDIA made some HUGE announcements last week.

But it’s not always the main headlines that we should be paying attention to.

It’s the impact that everything will have when you connect the dots… and we’re connecting them for you.

We had the chance to attend GTC in person all week and we’re bringing you the 3 biggest takeaways.

Join the conversation and ask Jordan questions on NVIDIA and AI here.

Also on the pod today:

• NVIDIA’s Role in Changing AI Ecosystem 🌐
• Speculations and Aspirations for AGI 🧠
• NVIDIA’s Involvement in Robotics 🦾

It’ll be worth your 44 minutes:

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Thursday, March 28th at 7:30 am CST ⬇️

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New AI Tool Spotlight – Creatie is a one-stop product design tool, FinCheck helps you check your business financial health, and DikatorialSuite is AI audio mastering with texting.

Trending in AI – A city in California is using AI to find homeless encampments.

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1. Tech Giants Unite to Challenge Nvidia's AI Dominance ⚔️

In a bid to dethrone Nvidia's AI supremacy, a formidable group led by Intel, Google, Arm, and others is brewing an open-source project to level the playing field. Nvidia's CUDA architecture might face a serious shake-up as this coalition aims to break the lock-in barrier for developers.

2. Google's SGE AI-Powered Makeover For Search Results 🔍

Google is turning heads with its AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE) makeover, catching users by surprise with enhanced results. Despite initially requiring manual opt-in, Google is now testing SGE overviews on a small percentage of search traffic in the US.

3. OpenAI Sora's Stunning Creations Unveiled by Exclusive Group 🎥

OpenAI's cutting-edge AI model, Sora, is dazzling audiences through videos crafted by a handpicked selection of external creators. The reveal showcases the potential of Sora to transform imaginative concepts into reality, even in its early stages of development. Get a look at the examples here.

4. Canva Acquires Affinity To Challenge Adobe 😲

Canva just dropped a bombshell by snatching up Affinity's creative software suite, gearing up for a showdown with Adobe in the design realm. With Canva now owning Affinity's Designer, Photo, and Publisher, Canva adds new AI tools to its platform.

5. BBC Embracing AI & Seeking Global Tech Partnerships 📢

The BBC is stepping up its game by diving headfirst into AI and aiming for major global tech collaborations. Director General Davie is on a mission to revolutionize the 100-year-old institution using controversial tech to boost fact-checking and content translation. However, with concerns over the influence of US and Chinese tech giants, the BBC's tech leap will be interesting.

3 ways NVIDIA is going to change the AI world (that no one's talking about)

We had the chance to attend NVIDIA’s GTC last week.

We’re breaking down all the biggest announcements and giving you our 3 takeaways.

If you don’t wanna dive in for the full 40 minute episode, then check out the tl;dr version in today's AI in 5.

or see this related video:

🦾How You Can Leverage:

If the 95-96 Chicago Bulls team had a meet and greet open to the public, it woulda been a circus. A good circus.

That’s kinda how the NVIDIA GTC conference was this year. 

(But instead of the greatest basketball team of their time talking hoops, GTC was the greatest tech company of its time talking AI.) 

You had the G.O.A.T. CEO himself, NVIDAI’s Jensen Huang, delivering an AI-packed keynote.

And you had an All-Star supporting cast running the AI court for days — industry leaders from Meta, OpenAI, Google, xAI, Microsoft, Salesforce and more offered exclusive insights into the future of Generative AI.

(You can still watch for free for a short period.) 

The news and announcements that happened on paper are already well-documented. 

But what about behind the scenes? And the connecting of the dots for what it all means? 

That’s what we’re here for, bringing you the AI smoke for our #HotTakeTuesday show. 

(Side note: I hope my hair game is still as strong as Jensen’s at 61.) 

We had some exclusive access to NVIDIA events, so we’re brining you the behind the scenes insights on what all of these announcements actually mean. 

So, here’s 3 ways that NVIDIA is changing our AI world. 👇

1 – There’s a compute sweet spot 👌

NVIDIA was already leading the GPU game and they just quadrupled down. 

(That would be like if those 95-96 Bulls somehow magically added prime LeBron James to their roster.) 

Even before GTC, NVIDIA was lightyears ahead of everyone else in terms of compute. And for our non-technical friends, think of it like this. All of the Generative AI that we use and that powers the future of business needs GPU compute power. 

Even though they’re in their own category, NVIDIA outdid themselves by announcing a new GPU system called Blackwell, which is reportedly 4X more powerful than their old Hopper GPU chips at 12X more energy efficient. 

What it means:
For the first time, many businesses will have the compute power needed to compete at a reasonable cost.

Like we talked about on today’s show, the combination of the Blackwell announcement and the shift toward smaller models has created a sweet spot for compute. 

Don’t get us wrong — compute is still the new currency.

And Big Tech has to continue to find more sustainable and efficient power for Generative AI. But for right now we’re in a bit of a sweet spot. (At least for those leveraging Blackwell.) 

Whether this lasts for a few months or a few years, enterprises and small companies alike have the access to the compute they need at a reasonable cost.

This would be like if the Internet, Cloud and Mobile devices all dropped at once, were all affordable and instantly deployable. We’re at an amazing time for businesses to soar and scale with Generative AI. 

2 – The world is a simulation 🌐

Trippy, right? 

If you haven’t heard of the Omniverse or Digital Twins, buckle up. 

You may not know this, but so much of what we already see and experience has been simulated. Now that #1 above has created ideal scenarios for businesses to simulate their respective real worlds, simulations are becoming common place. 

Like if you needed to build a new warehouse, you can now run millions of simulations on every aspect of it before even breaking ground. 

What it means: OK. So maybe you’re not building a warehouse.

Given that today is #HotTakeTuesday and all, here’s what we think NVIDIA’s Omniverse announcements mean in the long-run — everything will be simulated.  

We talked about digital twins a bit previously with Fernando Mier from Avanade, but we’re seeing a much BIGER impact that just digital twins. We see a near-term future where legit everything can be simulated in a digital twin environment. 

  • Will your pitch hit with that Big Whale client? Quickly run a few million/billion simulations to find out. 

  • Will that new flavor resonate with your customers? Quickly run a few million/billion simulations to find out. 

  • Do you actually read this newsletter? Soon, we’ll be able to quickly run a few million/billion simulations to find out. 

3 – NVIDIA is creating humanoids and AGI 🤖

Full disclosure — NVIDIA is not building humanoids or Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) themselves.

But, they are definitely the company making it all possible. 

Case in point of humanoids and AGI powered by NVIDIA? The Figure 01 humanoid, which NVIDIA invested in heavily.

(And, presumably Figure is running everything on NVIDIA’s hardware/software, although that hasn’t been reported.) 

What it means: 

No, NVIDIA is not building humanoids in-house.

And no, NVIDIA is not openly working toward AGI in-house like OpenAI and Meta are. 



  • Powering humanoids? NVIDIA. 

  • Powering the companies working toward AGI? NVIDIA. 

  • Making every step of the way for each innovation possible? NVIDIA. 

It’s not written on explicitly on the wall, but if you can connect the dots, it’s clear as day. NVIDIA is powering our world toward a Humanoid and AGI future. 

(Don’t worry… we’ll be there every step of the way telling you what it all means.) 

Bonus Action

If you wanna see what the GTC show floor looked like and have 24 seconds to spare, here ya go. (Fun ending!)

Numbers to watch


The number of companies that formed together for The Unified Acceleration Foundation, a consortium of tech companies looking to challenge NVIDIA’s AI dominance. (Those companies are Intel, Google, Arm, Qualcomm, and Samsung.)

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