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🎙 Daily Podcast Episode: Is AI really transformative? Or is it just some overhyped token predictor? We have an industry expert join us to reveal the answer and how you can fully adopt AI’s potential. Give it a listen.

🕵️‍♂️ Fresh Finds: Microsoft considers 365 AI revamp, Brazil hires OpenAI and the energy required to power Google Search AI answers. Read on for Fresh Finds.

🗞 Byte Sized Daily AI News: U.S. considers tighter grip on China chip exports, Musk drops OpenAI lawsuit and Walmart’s new AI-powered online shopping. For that and more, read on for Byte Sized News.

🚀 AI In 5: Here’s an AI research hack that allows you to use multiple AI chatbots at once. See it here

🧠 Learn & Leveraging AI: Wondering how you can avoid the AI hype and actually implement AI to its full potential? We’re breaking down what you need to know. Keep reading for that!

↩️ Don’t miss out: Did you miss our last newsletter? We talked about Apple Intelligence, Musk threatening to ban iPhones and Mistral raising $640M. Check it here!

Is AI Transformative or Have We Not Fully Grasped it Yet? 🤔

AI: underhyped or overhyped?

Have we fully realized the power of Generative AI and we're sitting at the top of the hype curve?

Or, have we not even started to see and realize its potential?

Jamal Khan, Head of Helix Center for Applied AI and Chief Growth and Innovation Officer Connection Inc, joins us to discuss.

Join the conversation and ask Jordan and Jamal questions on AI here.

Also on the pod today:

• AI and its impact on different industries 💼
• Significance and implementation of generative AI 🤖
• Strategies for successful AI adoption

It’ll be worth your 35 minutes:

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Thursday, June 13th at 7:30 am CST ⬇️

Here’s our favorite AI finds from across the web:

New AI Tool Spotlight – Namify is an AI business name generator, Uizard is GenAI for UI design and Omi is AI contract and vendor management.

Big Tech – Microsoft is considering an AI revamp of its 365 software bundles.

OpenAI - Brazil is hiring OpenAI to help cut costs of court cases.

AI and Creativity - Midjourney has added Personalization, a feature that allows personalized image prompts using new parameters.

Money in AI - This contest is rewarding $1 million for help on AGI.

AI Chips – MediaTek is designing Arm-based chips for Microsoft’s AI laptops.

Stable Diffusion – Stability AI has released Stable Diffusion 3 Medium for improved AI image generation.

1. U.S. Considers Tightening AI Chip Restrictions on China 🇺🇸

The U.S. is contemplating stricter measures on China’s chip technology access, particularly focusing on gate all-around architecture for enhanced AI capabilities. Companies like Samsung Electronics are already on the move, producing 3-nanometer chips with this cutting-edge technology, while TSMC plans to integrate it into their 2-nanometer chips.

This potential crackdown aims to hinder China’s advancement in developing advanced computing systems necessary for AI models, intensifying the global tech competition.

2. Elon Musk Drops Lawsuit Against OpenAI 🤔

Elon Musk has decided to drop his lawsuit against OpenAI, a company he co-founded, just a day after publicly criticizing them and Apple. Musk's initial legal action accused OpenAI of prioritizing profits over the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI) for the benefit of humanity, as per their founding agreement.

The sudden withdrawal of the lawsuit without providing a reason has sparked speculation about Musk's intentions and the future of the AGI project.

We talked about how this lawsuit was kinda not real anyway. lolz.

3. Apple Snatches Top Spot from Microsoft in AI Race 🥇

Apple has regained its throne as the most valuable company, leaving Microsoft in its wake with a market valuation of $3.29 trillion. The surge follows Apple's unveiling of groundbreaking AI features at its developer conference, sparking excitement among analysts and investors alike.

With Siri poised to revolutionize interactions across devices, Apple's moves in AI technology are set to keep the company thriving.

We expect the top 3 companies (Apple, Microsoft and NVIDIA) to be flip-flopping a lot in the coming days/weeks.

4. Oracle’s Cloud Deals Propel Shares Up by 11% 📈

Oracle’s shares surged by 11% after announcing cloud deals with Google and OpenAI, despite falling short of Wall Street’s expectations in the fourth quarter. The company saw a 3% increase in revenue year-over-year, with significant contributions from its cloud services and on-premises licenses business.

Oracle is gearing up for significant growth, with a projected 5-7% revenue increase in the fiscal first quarter, showcasing its ambition to expand its cloud infrastructure and database offerings.

5. OpenAI Welcomes New CFO and CPO to Supercharge AI Mission 👥

OpenAI's new recruits, Sarah Friar and Kevin Weil, bring heavyweight experience to the table, promising a turbo boost to the organization's growth trajectory. Sarah, with a background at Square and Nextdoor, takes the reins as CFO, while Kevin, previously at Facebook and Twitter, steps in as CPO.

The duo's arrival signifies a strategic move by OpenAI to ramp up research, develop top-notch AI products, and pave the way for the next phase of innovation.

6. FTC Chair Lina Khan Talks Big Tech and AI Regulation 🏢

FTC Chair Lina Khan recently discussed the agency's approach to regulating AI technology, emphasizing the importance of fostering competition while addressing potential harms like voice-cloning fraud. Khan highlighted the FTC's efforts to monitor various aspects of AI technology to understand its layers and risks.

The agency is also exploring innovative tactics, such as a voice-cloning challenge, to combat AI fraud in real-time.

How to Save Hours of Research with Multiple AI Chatbots at Once.

Are you tired of spending countless hours on research and competitive analysis?

We’re showing you how you can run prompts through multiple AI models like GPT-4, Claude, and Gemini to save time on research.

🦾How You Can Leverage:

AI: all hype, or the way we all work in the future? 

If you’re a business leader, you’ve contemplated this question countless hours. And it’s not always a cut and dry answer. 


Because how you perceive and implement AI could be the game-changer your company needs, or the misstep it can't afford.

Luckily for us all, we tapped into the insights from an industry vet and Fortune 1000 exec in Jamal Khan. 

Jamal is the Head of Helix Center for Applied AI and the Chief Growth and Innovation Officer Connection Inc.

He’s not only at the forefront of his company’s GenAI journeys, but also walking through Connection’s customers through similar partially unpaved trails. 

We’ll tackle the real challenges— trust issues, budget limitations, and the critical need for skilled talent.

Jamal’s practical advice will help you understand the steps necessary for successful AI integration.

Sound too good to be true? 

It’s not.

Go give today’s show a listen or watch, and let’s break it all down and boil this dang ocean of helpful info that today’s interview was. 

1 – Don’t rely on old work silos

Sure, the internet, cloud and mobile industries have changed how we all work. 

But those changes have been gradual and have played out over the course of decades, mainly because of cost and time to implement. 

Generative AI? Not so much. 

Jamal talked about how the LLM revolution has democratized technology, which in terms reshaped the business landscape.

That brings some tough change management challenges: such as potentially getting rid of old business processes that have worked for decades. 

Jamal mentioned that all companies have well-entrenched silos that serve them well. We couldn’t agree more, as we constantly highlight the need to sometimes unlearn decades of positive business habits. 

Try this: 

Take the example Jamal shared about how electricity changed not only every aspect of companies, but people’s daily lives and even entire cities.

In the same way that electricity ultimately changed the way we all lived and work, laying the groundwork for the Industrial Revolution, AI too will change the future of how we all live and work.

It already has. 

If that take from an industry vet doesn’t answer the ‘Is AI hype or not?’ we don’t know what will. 

If you’re ready to tackle what the new work world looks like, this guide from Deloitte lays it all out.

Also, our ‘5 Simple Steps to Start Using GenAI at Your Business Today’ is an essential guide. 

2 – Get your budgets ready 💰

Does GenAI save loads of time and money? 


But it’s not a quick fix-all, Jamal said.

Enterprises need to be prepared to invest time and money. We couldn’t agree more. We often talk about how people misconstrue what GenAI and LLMs actually are and what they’re capable of. 

Are they shortcuts? For sure.

But, you’ve gotta invest the time, money and training to build the bridge first. Like, you can’t reap the rewards if you don’t plant the seeds. 

(Seeds = money and training.)

Try this: 

Investing in A lot of times that starts with fiscal investments from the C-suite. Jamal said that includes budget allocations for technology infrastructure, upskilling employees, and ongoing support.

It ain’t a one-time drop in the bucket.

This guide from the Society for Human Resource Management gives you a step-by-step guide on how to train employees on AI.


3 – Find your company’s AI square root 🧮

You can’t have a compounding GenAI impact with a group that starts the snowball. 

Jamal referred to the “square root principle,” and detailed how a small, dedicated group within a larger organization can drive significant change.

At Connection, they identified a core group of AI enthusiasts who were given the resources and support to experiment and lead AI projects.

This approach helped build momentum and foster a culture of innovation.

Try this: 

Even before you can find your company’s square root, you’ve gotta be able to ask the tough questions.

  • Like, what happens IF GenAI implementation works.

  • Or, how does this impact the meaning of our work or the company’s mission?

But before you can even identify your company’s AI square root, you first gotta ask why AI hasn’t worked yet. 

If your org is still sitting on the preverbal AI implementation fence, this well-researched episode guides you through how to identify the problem areas and how you can address them with pinpoint accuracy.

Also, this short video series from Microsoft highlights some key points on identifying AI champions in your org. 

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$6.6 Million

AI startup Linq has secured $6.6 million in funding to streamline research for financial analysts using AI.

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