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Are AI robots taking over? NVIDIA spills the tea ☕️

🦾 AI and robotics, US and China's AI resolution, becoming Iron Man with NVIDIA AI, and more!

In partnership with NVIDIA

Sup y’all! 👋

A. It's not too late to still register for free the NVIDIA GTC virtual conference. You can watch previous sessions from industry leaders, attend workshops and enter to win an NVIDIA GPU and DLI credits. And you can watch NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang's keynote address. Go register for free.

B. Wanna know what the future of AI is looking like? Here’s my thoughts from the GTC floor: 👇

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Outsmart The Future

Today in Everyday AI
7 minute read

🎙 Daily Podcast Episode: What does the future of AI and robotics look like for our society? The Director of Robotics at NVIDIA fills us in. Give it a listen.

🕵️‍♂️ Fresh Finds: AI replies for X (Twitter) and LinkedIn, new open-source AI models, and a hack for faster AI image generation. Read on for Fresh Finds.

🗞 Byte Sized Daily AI News: The US and China unite for an AI resolution, Microsoft releases new Surface AI devices, and Google’s AI for global flooding prediction. For that and more, read on for Byte Sized News.

🚀 AI In 5: Ever dreamed of becoming a superhero like Iron Man? Well, it happened to us! See it here

🧠 Learn & Leveraging AI: We break down with NVIDIA’s Director of Robotics had to say about the future of humanoid robots. Keep reading for that!

↩️ Don’t miss out: Did you miss our last newsletter? We talked about Microsoft hiring DeepMind’s Co-Founder, Google fined €250M by France, and AI discovering 430,000 galaxies. Check it here!

Robots Among Us - How NVIDIA is building the future of robotics 🦾

AI + Robots — is it just science fiction?

Or, could the intersection of AI and robotics change our daily lives WAY sooner than we’d expect?

Amit Goel is the Director of Robotics at NVIDIA, a global leader in the robotics industry.

We’ll find out together not only what the current state of robotics and AI is, but also where we’re all headed in the near future behind the prowess of NVIDIA Robotics.

Join the conversation and ask Jordan and Amit questions on AI and robotics here.

Also on the pod today:

• NVIDIA's role in robotics 🟢
• Robotics tasks, automation, and training workforce 🛠️
• Public perception of robotics and humanoid future 🤔

It’ll be worth your 32 minutes:

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Friday, March 22nd at 7:30 am CST ⬇️

Here’s our favorite AI finds from across the web:

New AI Tool Spotlight – Podwise is a note-taking app for podcasts, Vapi is voice AI for any application, and Replai gives you AI replies for X (Twitter) and LinkedIn.

Trending in AI – Two former Google researchers have just released new open-source AI models.

Future of Work - A new White House analysis shows that 10% of US workers are in jobs with the most risk to AI.

LLMs – These researchers gave an AI model an inner monologue and it greatly improved the performance.

Read This – This single step makes AI generate high-quality images 30 times faster.

1. Microsoft Unveils Next-Gen Surface AI Devices for Business 💻

Microsoft has just dropped a bombshell with the launch of the Surface Pro 10 Business and Surface Laptop 6 Business, featuring Intel’s latest Core Ultra processors and a groundbreaking Copilot key Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for accelerated AI-powered features on Windows 11. The Surface Pro 10 Business offers a choice between Core Ultra 5 135U and Core Ultra 7 165U processors, boasting up to 64GB RAM and promising 19 hours of battery life.

2. US and China Unite in Historic AI Resolution at UN 🤝

In a groundbreaking move, the US and China teamed up to co-sponsor the first-ever AI resolution at the UN General Assembly, aiming to advance AI development while ensuring human rights are upheld. The resolution, set to pass with overwhelming support, paves the way for leveraging AI to achieve global Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

3. Google’s AI for Global Flood Forecasting 🌊

Google's latest breakthrough in flood forecasting using AI technology has paved the way for accurate predictions up to 7 days in advance, benefitting 460 million people globally. The AI-driven Flood Hub platform has expanded forecasts to 80 countries, including regions in Africa and Asia-Pacific, providing real-time information to vulnerable communities.

4. US House Investigates IRS Misuse of AI for Tax Surveillance 🧐

House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan and Rep. Harriet Hageman are shaking things up by launching an inquiry into the IRS's use of AI for tax surveillance. Reports indicate that the IRS could be conducting warrantless financial surveillance using AI, raising concerns about privacy violations.

5. AI Tool Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Detection 🎗

AI tool Mia successfully identified tiny signs of breast cancer missed by 11 human doctors in a recent NHS pilot study. This groundbreaking technology could potentially revolutionize breast cancer detection methods, offering hope for earlier diagnoses and improved survival rates.

Becoming Iron Man with NVIDIA AI!

Ever dreamed of becoming a superhero like Iron Man?

Your dreams are closer to reality than you might think!

We’re diving headfirst into this AI-powered Iron Man helmet.

(Seriously I wore this thing it’s flipping awesome.)

From the heart of the Nvidia GTC conference, we uncover how NVIDIA's Jetson Orin NX could be transforming ordinary humans into future superheroes with its AI-powered chips.

Does Jordan look like Robert Downey Jr as Ironman?

Does Jordan look like Robert Downey Jr as Ironman? Jordan doesn't buy it, but gets it all the time.

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🦾How You Can Leverage:

Will humanoids just make way for better jobs for humans? 

And how is NVIDIA changing the robotics game? 🤔

Hot off the heels of one of the biggest months (legit) ever for the industry, we got to sit down with the rockstar of robotics, Amit Goel.

Amit is the Director of Robotics at NVIDIA, the company at the epicenter of the robotics movement. For the past 13 years, he’s helped push innovation forward at NVIDIA. 

And what better timing to get ALL THE TEA about the robotics field from a world-renowned expert.


It seems like in the past 13 days alone, we’ve seen 13 years worth of developments.

Between NVIDIA’s announcement of the robot-powering GR00T AI model and updates to the Isaac Lab to the recent integration between Figure and ChatGPT, the robotics and humanoids industry is moving at breakneck speed. 

There’s no better guide than Amit. 

Here’s 3 things he showed us that are worth paying attention to 👇

1 – GenAI changed robotics 🤖

First things first — robotics aint new. Across many sectors, robotics have been commonplace for decades. 

But here’s the curveball — generative AI. 

Amit alluded to the fact that Generative AI has changed the decades-long outlook for robotics in a few years. 

Many believed robotics to be one-dimensional — like a Roomba vacuum or a box-packing bot on an assembly line.

But with large language models, now robots can understand language, understand inference, and use that context to complete tasks they maybe weren’t originally built for. 

Try this:
If you wanna see where the transition from robotics to humanoids is going, this video showing Figure’s robotics integration with ChatGPT is legit jaw-dropping. 

2 – NVIDIA is the playground 🛝

What makes the transition from robotics to humanoids easier and easier? 


Here’s the thing — NVIDIA doesn’t even make robots.

Instead, they partner with hardware companies and give them everything else they need.

Instead, enterprise companies and startups can use NVIDIA’s new GR00T model and Isaac Lab advancements as a foundational model or sandbox for development. 

Try this:
For this one, you’ve GOTTA watch NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote, detailing the new GR00T model and Isaac lab advancements, which is basically an Omniverse gym for digital robots to become super smart. 

It’s mind-boggling. 

You can watch the keynote for FREE!

(And catch other virtual sessions from the jam-packed conference by visiting this link. You can also sign up to win an NVIDIA GPU and DLI learning credits.

3 – Share the space 👥

Here’s a not-so-secret secret — super smart humanoid robots are coming. To our warehouses, in our office buildings and everywhere in between. 

Amit admitted that may be uncomfortable for some. But there’s likely no way around it. 

Not only can humanoid bots do the dirty and dangerous jobs humans may not want to do, but they can be employees en masse in repetitive, manual jobs to work around the clock. 

The solution? We (meaning us AND the bots) gotta operate in shared spaces. 

The majority of the world is created for humans. So, we’ve gotta be able to adapt to sharing that space with humanoids. 

Try this:
Want to prepare for a world of humanoids and humans in the same space?

From a work perspective, Amit noted it’s important to identify what elements of your company’s current operations could be better served by humanoid labor vs. human labor. 

So if the time comes, you or your company will not only be ready to share the space, but also can create complimentary or supplementary roles or opportunities to upskill and resell.

Take a look at this recent article from LiveScience that details how human-to-humanoid interactions may work. 

Numbers to watch


A new study by the White House shows that 10% of US workers’ jobs are in danger of being lost to AI.

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