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  • Banning AI? Your company will fail. Here's why 😬

Banning AI? Your company will fail. Here's why 😬

Reasons why banning AI will lead to failure, US and UK partner on AI safety, new ChatGPT features, and more!

Sup y’all 👋

Little bit of a rant today about how not using GenAI will lead most companies to fail. But it got me thinking — how many companies are actually allowing their employees to use Generative AI?

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Outsmart The Future

Today in Everyday AI
7 minute read

🎙 Daily Podcast Episode: Is your company looking to ban AI? Or, are you already not allowed to use it? If so, failure is in your future. Here’s the hard truth about banning AI. Give it a listen.

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🗞 Byte Sized Daily AI News: US and UK partner on AI safety, ChatGPT no longer requires an account, and Apple’s new LLM for Siri. For that and more, read on for Byte Sized News.

🚀 AI In 5: Could these new ChatGPT features be a response to Gemini’s recent updates? We explain their larger implications. See it here

🧠 Learn & Leveraging AI: Contemplating banning AI at your organization? We’re laying out the facts on why that’s a BIG mistake. Keep reading for that!

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Want to ban AI? Be prepared to shut down.

Is your company banning AI?

If so, they should prepare to shut down.


When ChatGPT started the GenAI wave about 18 months ago, so many companies, enterprises, and universities made brash decisions.

Instead of understanding it and using it to grow, they banned it.

Today, we explain why that's wrong.

Join the conversation and ask Jordan questions on AI and here.

Also on the pod today:

• Generative AI and Data Security 🔓
• Importance of Adapting to New Technologies 🤖
• AI Legal Implications and Regulatory Compliance ⚖️

It’ll be worth your 33 minutes:

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Here’s our favorite AI finds from across the web:

New AI Tool Spotlight – Keywords AI helps build AI applications, Embed AI lets you white label a chatbot, and Queue’s Jessica is an AI content assistant.

Trending in AI – Google DeepMind’s AI model Genie makes Super Mario type games from scratch.

AI in Politics - Ukraine is using AI drones to disrupt Russia’s energy industry.

Pop Culture – Big name musicians are warning against replacing artists with AI.

Read This – Here’s what you might expect for AI in this year’s iPhone.

Big moves in AI — A former OpenAI employee who lead developer relations has joined Google to work on Gemini’s AI Studio. We had to throw this in…

1. US and UK Join Forces for Advanced AI Model Testing 🤝

The British Prime Minister and the US Vice President team up to tackle AI safety at Bletchley Park. This groundbreaking partnership aims to address national security risks and societal concerns surrounding the next-gen AI models. Both countries are committing to joint testing exercises and information sharing.

2. OpenAI’s ChatGPT Now Free To Use Without Account 👍

OpenAI is updating its accessibility by opening up its ChatGPT model for everyone to use without requiring an account. This move allows users to engage in conversations without the need for a login, although certain features exclusive to registered users will be unavailable.

3. Apple's Siri AI Takes a Leap with ReALM LLM 🗣

Siri might level up its game with ReALM, a new AI model that can recognize on-screen, conversational, and background entities.

Apple released a research paper showing its new ReALM model is ahead of OpenAI's ChatGPT 3.5 and even ChatGPT 4.0. Apple's latest research paper showcases ReALM's prowess in enhancing Siri's performance, ‘outperforming’ GPT-4 despite having fewer parameters.

4. Google Maps Adds Gemini AI for Seamless Navigation 🗺

Google Maps is adding Gemini AI, allowing users to effortlessly start navigation through voice commands. With Gemini AI, users can simply ask the digital assistant to navigate to a specific location, enhancing the hands-free experience. The latest update also enables setting reminders and calendar entries using voice commands, making it even more convenient for users with the Workspace extension turned on.

5. Yahoo Acquires Artifact, the AI-Powered News App 📰

Yahoo is set to ramp up its news game with the acquisition of Artifact, the brainchild of Instagram’s co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. This move brings advanced AI personalization tech to Yahoo News, promising users a more tailored news experience. Systrom and Krieger will stay on board in an advisory role during the transition.

ChatGPT's NEW Features: OpenAI's Secret Plan vs Google?

Google has been making some surprising moves recently with new Gemini updates.

But could these new ChatGPT features be a response?

We’re checking out these new features and telling you why they’ll have a huge impact!

🦾How You Can Leverage:

We’re kinda tired of sugar coating this. 

If your company is (still!?) banning GenAI, you’ll fail. 

We've been hearing too many stories lately about companies who are still actively keeping employees from using Generative AI. 

Because it's #HotTakeTuesday we'll keep it short: those companies will fail. 

Whether it's tomorrow, in 3 months or 5 years -- banning Generative AI is setting the table for three inevitable scenarios. 

  • 1. Your company will lose its place in the competitive landscape. 

  • 2. Your company will get acquired by a competitor who IS using Generative AI.

  • 3. Your company will go out of business.

Sorry shorties. There's legit no other option. 

We tackled this cold, hard reality on today’s show. And for some reason, SO many companies are still shying away from GenAI.

This recent study from Cisco about Generative AI use is pretty eye opening. It found that 27% of companies are banning Generative AI.

TBH, that kinda result has us fed up. 


And after talking with hundreds of global AI experts, seeing the future of AI at the recent NVIDIA conference, and training thousands of business leaders on GenAI, we feel we’re in a unique position to set the record straight. 

Ready to get it? 👇

Ripping the band-aid off in 3, 2, 1 …. 

1. Ignoring the past = disastrous future 🆘 

We took a quick trip down the technology memory lane today.

The biz history books are full of examples of companies that failed to adopt to changing times and new tech: 

  • Blockbuster went from an industry leader to bankrupt because it didn’t adapt to internet streaming. 

  • Netflix did, and it’s one of the largest companies in the U.S.

  • Blackberry dominated the smartphone market, but failed to lean in to new touchscreen tech and its phone division is now defunct. 

  • Apple did, and now the iPhone is synonymous with the word phone. 

  • Sears was the biggest American retailer doing $40 billion in revenue, but fought off online shopping and filed for bankruptcy years later. 

  • Amazon embraced online shopping and is a $2 trillion company. 

Fight off Generative AI at your own peril y’all. 

Try this: Confused on how to implement Generative AI or actual use-cases for the tech? 

We’ve covered it in-depth. Straight facts. No B.S. 

2. There is no AI hype 🙅

Common misconception — AI is just hype.

Even looking at the examples above, certain technologies throughout human history are often placed on a hype cycle.

Sometimes, they die off and never take off. (Still looking at you, Metaverse.)

Other times…. new technologies completely change the way we all work. Like when Brian commented on today’s show that he remembers having to beg to use the internet at work.

In other words, so many business leaders think that Generative AI is all hype. Like, it’ll go away if they just ignore it long enough.

Not the case.

Try this:
We’ve already debunked this one left and right. So if you or someone in your org thinks you can keep ignoring GenAI implementation because it’s all some hype that’ll fade, you gotta listen/watch/read this one.

Or, if you’re a decision-maker or CEO leading an organization, Jim Kavanaugh (the CEO of business behemoth World Wide Technologies) shared his team’s Generative AI blueprint here.

3. LLMs = The Internet 🛜

Stick with us here. It’ll make sense either now, or after your first few thousand hours using GenAI. 

Replace the words “Generative AI” and/or “Large Language Models” and/or “ChatGPT” with the word “Internet.”

  • Does the internet help your company grow? 

  • Is the internet essential to how you do business? 

  • Should your employees consume information from the internet? 

  • Would your company ban the internet? 

  • How would you research that pitch without the internet? 

  • How would you read that new industry white paper without the internet? 

(Those are all obvi rhetorical questions.) 

Now, put the words LLM or ChatGPT in place of the internet. 

Seems kinda silly now to ban GenAI, right? 

Also, the Internet is changing. Google, Microsoft, Amazon and other search giants are turning traditional internet usage generative. 

Still wanna stick with that Generative AI ban?

Good luck searching the internet in a year or three when literally the entire internet is generative.

(How’s that GenAI ban gonna work then, bucko?)

Lines are blurring. You don’t want to be the one company still on the outside looking in, do you?

Try this: To be honest, learning the basics of GenAI and Large Language Models are a basic workplace skill that hardly no one is teaching. 

Luckily, we do it. 

For free. 


Multiple times a month.

We’ve taught thousands of business leaders the basics of GenAI and prompt engineering in our Prime, Prompt, Polish class. (Freshly with a V2.0 refresh as of 15 hours ago!) 

We’ve got live trainings still this week and later in April. Go sign up.

Numbers to watch


27% of businesses have straight up banned Generative AI applications, according to a survey from Cisco.

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