Can AI build your entire brand?! 🤯

🧑‍🎨️ Building a brand from scratch with ChatGPT, updates on Google's AI search SGE, DALL-3's advantage over Midjourney, and more!

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Sup y’all! 👊

Two intro notes in a row? No way!

Well we felt we HAD to let you all know that today’s episode was a special one and is a MUST WATCH versus listening! We built a brand using audience feedback and would love you there tomorrow for part 2!

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Today in Everyday AI
7 minute read

🎙 Daily Podcast Episode: Can you build an entire brand with AI? That’s what we set out to do today LIVE using ChatGPT and audience help. This is just part 1 but it’s looking good! Give it a listen/watch.

🕵️‍♂️ Fresh Finds: Adding AI to your entire OS desktop system, Brilliant Labs raises $3M for GenAI AR glasses, and a TikTok AI meme maker under fire for body-shaming people. Read on for Fresh Finds.

🗞 Byte Sized Daily AI News: Alphabet CEO updates on Google's AI search SGE, a British prep school hires AI chatbots and Microsoft cloud outgrows Google Cloud. For that and more, read on for Byte Sized News.

🚀 AI In 5: There's a massive advantage of DALL-E 3 over Midjourney that's been flying under the radar! What is that advantage and what makes it a game-changer? See here

🧠 Learn & Leveraging AI: So building a brand with AI, is it possible? Definitely! Let’s break down where to start.
Keep reading for that!

↩️ Don’t miss out: Did you miss our last newsletter? We talked about the best AI image generators, Midjourney’s new website, using AI to style your home, and more! Check it here!

Build a Brand Live with AI (Part 1) 🧑‍🎨️️

Can you build an entire brand with AI?!

What capabilities do ChatGPT and its plugins offer to help go from nothing to a full brand?

Let’s find out! We're building a brand from scratch using the live audience for help and suggestions.

From finding our brand name and identity to brand taglines and logos, we're kicking off part 1 of this brand building with a bang.

Also on the pod today:

• Competitive analysis and target audience 🎯
• Developing marketing language with ChatGPT ✍️
• Designing a logo with DALL-E 3 inside ChatGPT 🖼

It’ll be worth your 60 minutes (seriously it will be):

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Thursday, October 26th at 7:30 am CST ⬇️

Here’s our favorite AI finds from across the web:

New AI Tool Spotlight – Finito let’s you add AI to your entire OS desktop system, Teachify is an AI-powered teaching assistant for educators, and Cookii helps you build recipes using AI.

Big Tech – According to Google, its AI search, SGE, is in a good spot and ready to start placing ads. Not sure about that…

Money in AI - Brilliant Labs have raised $3M for GenAI AR glasses.

Social Media – A TikTok AI meme maker is under fire for body-shaming people.

AI in Medical – Researchers at NYU Langone think that this AI tool can help detect stressed and overburdened hospital workers.

1. Alphabet CEO Updates on Google's AI Search SGE 🌐

Sundar Pichai, Alphabet's CEO, sheds light on Google's AI search advancements, SGE. This new search tool aims to revolutionize user experience. He also updated us on Alphabet's revenue, as it rose 11 percent year over year to $76.7 billion.

2. British Prep School Hires AI Chatbots 🎓

A British prep school hired two AI chatbots as headteacher and head of AI. The school looks to ensure job readiness in a tech-dominated future. These institutions recognize the growing demand for AI skills and are adapting their curriculums accordingly. But things have been a little messy.

3. YouTube's AI Ambition: Mimicking Musicians 🎶

YouTube is exploring AI to recreate the style of popular musicians. Although YouTube is looking to offer users a unique musical experience soon, talks with Sony Music have fell through. As AI delves into creative domains, questions about authenticity and copyright emerge.

4. GM's Cruise Faces California DMV Suspension 🚗

General Motors' autonomous car subsidiary, Cruise, has hit a regulatory snag in California. The DMV's suspension reflects the challenges of ensuring road safety with driverless tech. As Cruise navigates this, the broader autonomous vehicle industry watches closely.

5. Microsoft's Cloud Growth Fueled by OpenAI 📈

Microsoft's cloud services are seeing impressive growth, and OpenAI plays a significant role. Its growth is helping to outgrow Google Cloud. As Microsoft leverages OpenAI's tech, it's setting new standards in the cloud industry.

DALL-E 3’s HUGE Advantage Over Midjourney! 😱

There's a massive advantage of DALL-E 3 over Midjourney that's been flying under the radar!

While both tools have their strengths, DALL-E 3 has carved out a niche that's hard to ignore. We’re diving into the unique capabilities of DALL-E 3, highlighting its transformative edge in the AI landscape.

How does it truly stack up against Midjourney? And what makes it a game-changer?

🤷‍♂️ What’s Going On and Why It Matters:

Yeah, Jordan, but can ChatGPT actually do anything for my business?

(Awkward silence.)

Yeah, we get this all the time.

Wanna know a lil secret?

ChatGPT can build a business from scratch in minutes. And do a better job than most humans.

We wanted to do something a bit fun — show y’all LIVE how to use ChatGPT to build every aspect of a company.

So we set out on a mission: to go from YOUR idea to a live product over the course of two episodes.

From ideation and brand positioning to marketing copy and logo generation, we tackled some of the most common everyday biz building tasks based off your live feedback.

Did we deliver?

We’ll let our livestream audience tell ya. 👇

So if you are still figuring out how to actually use a GenAI tool like ChatGPT for practical purposes, today’s show is for you.

We keep it simple, yet teach you techniques live — like the importance of proper prompting and how to properly use Internet-connected plugins to turn hours of research into seconds.

Biggest takeaway?

With a lil know-how, ChatGPT can handle the toughest business-building challenges.

Ya gotta go rewatch this one, and leave us a comment.

Even better?

We’re getting after Part 2 tomorrow. Join us live! 

Now, let’s break this mega episode down into some bite size chunks, shall we?

🦾How You Can Leverage:

Think ChatGPT isn’t for you?

Think again.

Everyone’s favorite Chatbot isn’t just for spinning out mediocre, hallucination-ridden marketing copy.

Naaaaah shorties.

If you know what you’re doing, you can legit accomplish (almost) every aspect of business building inside ChatGPT.

That’s what today’s episode was all about: building an entire brand from scratch inside of ChatGPT .

From your live comments, we decided to build a better beverage brand: StableSip. Here’s what Chad GPT built for us: (Thanks Chad!)


StableSip is a cutting-edge travel mug designed for the modern wanderer. Crafted with a unique wide base for unparalleled stability and equipped with advanced spill-proof technology, it's the perfect companion for digital nomads, remote workers, and every traveler in between.

Targeting the ever-growing community of digital nomads and remote workers, StableSip positions itself as the ultimate travel mug that understands the challenges of on-the-go lifestyles. It promises not just a beverage container, but a reliable partner in every journey.

Make sure to join us for Part 2 tomorrow, where we take our bespoke biz from inside ChatGPT and make it live.

But here’s the tl;dr version of today’s show, so you can put it to work for you.

1 – Reframe your view on ChatGPT 🖼️

For real y’all. Lettuce scream this out real quick:

ChatGPT with Plugins is a legit super power. When you reframe your view on what ChatGPT is, you can rediscover what it is capable of. Like we showed you live today, giving ChatGPT access to plugins extends its capabilities across all aspects of brand building!

Try this: If you’re reading this still (Haaaaaay! ) do us a favor: read/watch/listen to our intro episode on what ChatGPT plugins are, and our more advanced episode on the best CahtGPT plugins for business use.

2 – Give ChatGPT infinite wisdom 🧠

If you followed #1 above, then you’ll see how #2 makes sense. When working in the default mode in ChatGPT, you’re essentially working with a closed-off large language model. That’s why in today’s show, we researched and built StableSip’s brand based on real-time info, trends and insights.

But the biggest hack to getting the most out of ChatGPT? Give it access to the internet.

Try this: We laid this one out as simply as possible: here’s the essential guide on how to keep ChatGPT up to date and give it access to the internet. Once you do that, ChatGPT morphs from large language model to ‘How in the actual $%^# did you do that?!”

3 – Dall-E 3 is a cheat code 🕹️️

So by tapping into some plugins and giving ChatGPT access to the internet, we marketed and positioned the isssh outta StableSip. But every baby brand needs an identity, which we started to build in DALL-E 3 inside ChatGPT.

And although we’re BIIIIIG Midjourney fans, DALL-E 3 is ideal transition to brand building with GenAI.

Try this: If you haven’t gotten your feet wet with DALL-E 3 inside of ChatGPT, we got you with this overview. But if you wanna take it to the next level for creating better brand images for your company (or your next pitch deck) then you’ve gotta check out this huge advantage to DALL-E 3 that no one is talking about in terms of everyday use.

Now This …

Did we really do this?

Yes. We did.

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