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How Microsoft Copilot will change the way we work 💼

🚀 Microsoft Copilot's impact on biz ops, Amazon spends $4 billion on Anthropic, giving ChatGPT's Advanced Data Analysis internet access, and more!

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🎙 Daily Podcast Episode: Microsoft Copilot will change the way we all work, even if you don't use Windows. In a BIG way. And we’re putting you on the shot clock. You don’t have much time, TBH. Give it a listen.

🕵️‍♂️ Fresh Finds: AI that dubs your content in minutes and preserves voice and emotion, AI leaks of Google’s Pixel 8, and Elevenlabs AI audiobooks. Read on for Fresh Finds.

🗞 Byte Sized Daily AI News: Amazon Splashes $4 billion (with a B!) on AI startup Anthropic, ChatGPT will soon talk back and Getty Images unveils AI-powered image generator. For that and more, read on for Byte Sized News.

🚀 AI In 5: Advanced Data Analysis is a great tool from ChatGPT to be able to crunch data faster and more effectively! (We kinda liked the ‘Code Interpreter’ name better, but whatever) Here’s a secret: you can connect ADA to the internet and you have a real powerhouse. See how here

🧠 Learn & Leveraging AI: If you’re thinking “Great I just learned ChatGPT and now I need to learn Copilot too?” we’ll show you how to prepare for its arrival. Keep reading for that!

↩️ Don’t miss out: Did you miss our last newsletter? We talked about AI in clinical trials, Microsoft Copilot coming in November, and why you shouldn't use Custom Instructions in ChatGPT, Check it here!.

Microsoft Copilot - What's Coming and What It Means 💁

Microsoft Copilot will change the way we all work, even if you don't use Windows.

Copilot has finally been announced for November 2023 and it's going to have huge implications from work processes and costs to venture capital and startups.

So what's coming and what does it mean? Let's dive in!

Join the conversation and ask Jordan any questions about Copilot.

Also on the pod today:

• Features of Microsoft Copilot 📸
• Q4’s impacts on the future of Gen AI 🤑
• Microsoft Copilot’s effect on startups 🗣

It’ll be worth your 38 minutes:

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Here’s our favorite AI finds from across the web:

New AI Tool Spotlight – Dataera.ai is a B2B SaaS no-code tool to simplify all your data, Wondercraft AI lets you dub your content in minutes and preserve voice and emotion, and Vespio.ai predicts customer interest, improves sales pitches & provides in-depth insights.

Trending in AI – The latest leaks of Google’s Pixel 8 show that it’ll be coming with an AI camera.

Future of Work - Remember when all those media outlets switched to AI writers? Well, now they’re hiring human writers to fix the mistakes that AI made. 

Pop Culture – Elevenlabs just launched audiobooks of classic stories narrated by AI voices.

Big Tech – Google’s new Bard extension is apparently hallucinating emails that don’t exist.

1. Amazon Splashes $4 Billion on AI Startup Anthropic 💸

Amazon is diving deep into the AI world with a whopping investment of up to $4 billion in Anthropic, known for its safer Claude AI model. The deal includes Amazon's minority ownership in Anthropic and the integration of Anthropic’s technology into various Amazon products, enhancing AI applications across its vast business empire.

2. ChatGPT Now Talks Back and Sees Your World! 🗣️

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is now more interactive and perceptive, thanks to a significant upgrade. Users can now speak their queries and hear responses in synthesized voices, making it a closer competitor to Siri and Alexa. The app also gains visual intelligence, allowing users to upload or snap a photo for ChatGPT to describe. Check it out here

3. Getty Images Unveils AI-Powered Image Generator 📸

Getty Images, in partnership with Nvidia, has launched a new tool, Generative AI by Getty Images, allowing users to create images using its extensive library of licensed photos. This tool offers full copyright indemnification, ensuring legal protection for users publishing AI-generated images commercially. Dive into the details here.

4. Spotify's New Podcast Language Transcription 🎙️

Spotify is rolling out a game-changing feature, allowing podcasters to instantly translate their podcasts into other languages using their own voice. This AI-powered voice translation feature, backed by OpenAI’s voice transcription tool Whisper, is initially translating English-language episodes into Spanish, with French and German translations in the pipeline.

5. Meta’s Sassy AI Chatbots Geared for Gen Z 🤖

Meta is all set to unveil a generative AI chatbot, “Gen AI Personas,” targeting the younger crowd. With colorful personas like a “sassy robot” inspired by Bender from Futurama, Meta aims to engage young users in a more vibrant and interactive manner. The company is gearing up to launch these bots, with a chatbot creation tool in the works for celebrities to craft their own chatbots for fans.

How to give ChatGPT's Advanced Data Analysis Internet Access 🌐

Advanced Data Analysis is a great tool from ChatGPT to be able to crunch data faster and more effectively.

But imagine if you could not only break down your data but have it connected to the internet to be able to do research and create comparative insights!

We’re showing you how to connect Advanced Data Analysis to the internet.

🤷‍♂️ What’s Going On and Why It Matters:

Bookmark this: if you don't quickly get your GenAI act together, you're gonna get left behind.

🔥 Hot take 🔥 Microsoft Copilot is going to change the business landscape more than the internet did. And even if you’re not a Windows user, your career or biz might be at stake. For real.

(Don’t believe me? Fight me in the comments… I’m a digital strategy dork, and this is what we do).

Whether you're a solopreneur or a decision-maker at an enterprise company, we're putting you on the shot clock. When Microsoft 365 Copilot is fully rolled out on November 1, the way humans work (and what one human is capable of!) will change drastically.

If you haven't already developed your Generative AI game plan, drop what you're doing and focus on that.

Like we covered in today's episode, work is gonna change very quickly.

How can you get prepared?

Let’s break it down shorties 👇

🦾How You Can Leverage:

You didn’t skip out the required reading and skip straight to the good stuff, did ya?

Make sure to re-watch today’s show, as it’s a legit must watch. And, if you can deal with subpar audio, you should go listen to our previous episode on how Copilot will shake the economy. 

In today’s show, we laid out some details on the Microsoft Copilot’s rollout, what it entails, and what it means for the future of work.

Here’s what ya need to know, and how you can put it to work for you.

1 – Get your act together 🫡

Yeah, we're pulling no punches here y'all.

You need to get a GenAI game plan like yesterday. Whether you're on Microsoft or Apple/Mac, you know the biz landscape is going to be changing quickly.

Like we talked about in today's show -- Microsoft Copilot will be a generational step forward in how work is done. Don't wait until AFTER November 1 to make a game plan for your company.

Try this:
If you don't already have a Generative AI policy in place, make one. We've covered that in previous shows, so make sure to check those out.

You should be training your entire staff on GenAI basics, how large language models work, data security and privacy, ethics in AI, and AI governance. Don't wait until Q4 to do this, as the biz world will be off to the races and you won't even be at the starting line.

2 – Get your feet wet 💦

Microsoft is starting to roll out Copilot features tomorrow.

If you’re looking for the Copilot 365 features, though, that’ll have to wait until November 1. (And will cost $30/month/user). But as part of a free update to Windows 11, you can expect some next-level features tomorrow, September 26th. We'll see the initial rollout for Copilot, including new AI-powered features in apps like Paint, Photos and video editing in Clipchamp, as well as AI-centric updates to Bing and the Edge browser.

Try this:
Know what’s coming, when. Read Microsoft’s official announcement on the free September 26th rollout of Copilot in Windows 11, vs. the November 1 unveiling of Microsoft 365 Copilot across Microsoft’s suite of apps. And check this nice breakdown from the Verge.

3 – Take our free prompting course 🧑‍🏫

Self-promotion of game-changing free course coming in 3, 2, 1 …

OK. To be real, we weren’t even gonna promote our free Prime, Prompt, Polish course in today’s episode. But, Douglas brought up a legit point about PPP and using Microsoft Copilot:

Try this:
To answer that question — yes. In general, the PPP course teaches you the fundamentals of working with a large language model like ChatGPT. With Copilot’s upcoming release, learning how to prompt a large language model will become more important than using the internet.

Annnnnnnnnd, those skills learned in PPP are pretty transferrable, as Copilot does use GPT4 (and other models). So, go ahead and reply ‘PPP’ to this email, and we’ll send you the registration details for our free course, which we don’t make public on our website!

Now This …

What do you think? Will you be switching to Windows when Copilot drops?

Hit us with a reply and let us know!

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